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Little Buddies owner, Sean, has been surrounded by dogs his whole life, starting at the age of five when he formed relationship with the neighbor’s Bird Dogs. His family has always had a dog (or two) in it, starting with Ranger and loving him for a lucky 18 years. When Sean moved to California from the Northeast, he adopted two brother-and-sister corgi-mix rescues and quickly fell in love. His commitment to his work shows with how he involves himself in each dog’s well-being. Sean is also certified in pet CPR and first aid.
Member of Pet Sitters Associates.

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Little Buddies co-owner, James, was raised with Gretchen, a gentle and loving Dachshund that lived an eventful 16 years. His family bred and showed champion Dalmatians starting with the first momma, Kelly, and later Obie and Casey, where James participated in all aspects of the process. It was clear he had a deep love and connection with animals from the beginning. He continued his love in the show ring, becoming a junior handler for the American Kennel Club, where he earned 8 major points showing three different Dalmatians. He has had his own cat named Miew, numerous fish, an African Ball Python named Simon, a turtle named Speedy, rats Nikki and George (and lots of little babies came from them!) and most recently adorable corgi mixes Gus and Foxxy Love.


She has a deep passion for animals and several years of experience in pet care.

She's experienced with a variety of animals and especially skilled at creating a calm, fun environment for your pets, keeping them happy and healthy. 

Safety is her top concern, and she is trained to handle emergency situations, ensuring your pet’s well-being at all times. 

She looks forward to meeting your beloved companion and building a lasting bond. Let’s make your pet’s day as joyful as they make ours! 


Erik's animal journey started when he was 18. He got involved helping at the local dog kennel and also got a job at Spicewood Vet Clinic in Texas.He learned how to deal with a wild variety of breeds and how to identify mannerisms and moods. This experience helped break up any confrontations between dogs and help spot any illnesses or abnormalities in their health. Erik has a passion for animals and looks for his next opportunity to connect with another loving pet.



Originally from Los Angeles, she moved to San Diego 22 years ago. Growing up she had a variety of animals from hamsters, mice, dogs and a cat. In her adult years, she fell in love with the American bully breed. Helping animals is a passion of hers and she has rescused all of her bullys. Launchpad lived a long life till he was 15 and a year ago, she found Indigo at 8 weeks old. She has been actively training with professional trainers and has found another passion for animal care and obedience. 

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